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Claims & Roadside Assistance

Claims/Roadside Assistance:

We cannot process your claim here in our office. You will have to contact your insurance carrier’s claims department directly to handle your claim. 

How can we help? 

If you are unsure whether or not you should put a claim in, you can call us for advice. Keep in mind that the more claims you put in with your insurance company, the higher your rate (and the risk of being cancelled) will become. We can look at your policy, deductibles, and claim history to decide your best strategy after a loss.

For example, imagine you have two past claims on your automobile policy and now you have hit a deer. The estimated damage to your car is $600.00. If your comprehensive loss deductible is $500.00 then it isn’t really worth putting a claim in. You will still have to pay $500.00 out of pocket for that $600.00 damage. If you don’t file a claim and do pay the damage out of pocket then your insurance rate won’t increase due to claim history. So, we recommend getting an estimate of the damages before you call your insurance company! 

However, if you cause an automobile accident then you must file a claim with your insurance company right away. Even if you pay your damage expenses out of pocket, your insurance rate is subject to increase because you were responsible for causing this accident.

If you have documents that need to be sent to the insurance company, you can bring them to our office and we will send them off for you.

We will keep an eye on your claim and make sure that it is handled fairly and in a timely manner.

Below is a list of Customer Service telephone numbers by carrier. Listen to the main menu and select the “Claims” option. Have your policy number handy when calling in a claim.

​A. Central: (800) 234-6926

American Modern: (800) 543-2644

American Reliable: (480) 483-8666

Broome Co-Operative Insurance Company: (607) 321-2655

Columbian Financial Group: (800) 305-1335

Encompass: (800) 588-7400

Foremost: (800) 527-3905

H. R. Keller: (800) 424-2202

Hagerty: (800) 747-5348

Livingston Mutual: (800) 724-0074

Main Street America: (877) 927-5672

Mercury Insurance Group: (888) 313-6372

New York Central Mutual: (800) 234-6926

Progressive: (800) 925-2886

Security Mutual: (607) 723-3551

Travelers: (800) 252-4633

Travelers (Commercial): (800) 238-6225

Utica National Insurance Group: (800) 556-1730

Utica National Insurance Group (Commercial): (800) 556-1730